2016 World Cup Roundup: in which Udo Neuman educates John and Jackie

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Udo Neumann Cover On the 2016 World Cup Season, economic structures of climbing around the globe, and why a love for traveling is a good tool to have during the IFSC season

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Show Notes for episode with Udo Neumann:

  • The trials and tribulations of attending a competition in Navi Mumbai, India
  • What makes a good world cup, and what makes a bad one: from India, to Japan, to Baku, to Munich
  • Some of the downsides of the Kazo, Japan competition
  • Chinese hospitality at the competitions for athletes and coaches, and the great internet firewall that the media has to contend with
  • Russian strength and aversion to sickness
  • How the economic differences for gyms and climbing teams and how they differ between Europe, Japan, and the United States
  • Where the United States is lacking on the international stage
  • Why US support of athletes from brands and sponsors seems to be behind the rest of the world
  • How German youth climbing teams can charge as little as $50/month for their programs
  • The richness of experience in traveling and competing throughout the entire World Cup Circuit
  • Why the routesetting factor matters; aka: knowing your routesetters, knowing their styles, and knowing their mindsets
  • Who the World Cup routesetters are, and what they are known for
  • How hold, and what companies the setters are using, matter
  • What is a more important strength in these competitions, old school crimp strength, or new school dynamics

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