Dan Beall The Process Bishop Bouldering On playing the social media/sponsor game, his motivations, and climbing in the Rocklands…

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Show Notes for episode with Dan Beall:

  • Dan’s origin story with climbing (3:22)
  • What drew him to Bishop, a place where he’s built his reputation (8:46)
  • Realities of wooing sponsors, social media, and trying to remain genuine (12:12)
  • The return on investment for companies sponsoring athletes (19:00)
  • Rocklands (24:49)
  • Managing injuries and trying to keep forward progression (26:42)
  • With so much climbing in the states, why spend the money to travel to Africa (28:38)
  • The goals Dan set for himself heading out to the Rocklands (31:13)
  • This season’s tick list, “one unique double-digit climb per day in Africa (33:48)
  • What he didn’t expect (36:20)
  • Dan’s near-future efforts, dreams, and ambitions (hint: finishing up ‘The Process’ (V16) is one of them) (44:12)

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