Eddie Fowke The Circuit Climbing IFSC On photographing for the IFSC competitions, living life on the road for over a year, and, of course, the future of climbing in the Olympics….

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Eddie Fowke is the official photographer for the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) and the Editor in Chief of The Circuit Climbing and Performance Magazine.

Eddie photographs the world’s strongest climbers at international competitions and world-class climbing areas. He is in constant movement around the globe since there is always another stop on the IFSC World Cup Circuit, another pro competition, or what short vacations he can squeeze out between jobs. Due to the constant work, Eddie hasn’t had a permanent place of residence in over a year and a half.

His blog and magazine, The Circuit Climbing and Performance Magazine, can be found online in the new digital format at www.TheCircuitClimbing.comEddie also publishes an annual print version that features some of the best photos and articles he gathers throughout the previous year.

Show Notes for episode with Eddie Fowke:

  • Accidentally photographing IFSC Collegiate World Championships (3:26)
  • Creating and fostering good relationships with athletes and coaches while on the road and how that plays into his philosophies on photography (5:23)
  • How Eddie began shooting photos for climbing competitions which led him to create The Circuit Climbing and Performance Magazine (10:55)
  • Jumping on board with his friend, and world cup climber, James Kassay to take photos at some IFSC events in Europe for the first time and how he managed to make it happen (17:45)
  • How climbers like Mina Marcovic and the stories he discovered about the Slovenian Team helped him decide to start The Circuit Climbing and Performance Magazine (19:15)
  • How Eddie taught himself to write, edit, produce, print, sell, and distribute a magazine by himself… and the inspiration for learning all this is not what you think (23:35)
  • What finally convinced him to quit his job and pursue The Circuit full-time, and dealing with the words of caution and criticism from his friends and family (27:48)
  • Dealing with the highs and lows of starting his magazine, and when it gets low, “it gets brutally low” (30:18)
  • The battle for advertising in the climbing industry between print and digital media (33:42)
  • The success of the first issue of The Circuit and progression moving forward (38:52)
  • Why it’s important to secure the legacy and history of these athletes and events  (45:31)
  • The new re-design of The Circuit’s website and what more it can bring to climbing media (47:06)
  • A rollercoaster he can’t get off (54:07)
  • The climbing industry funding social media climbers instead of the best athletes (56:40)
  • Aging climbers and up-and-coming young guns, who deserves to get paid (59:58)
  • What private or nationally-backed systems are working to lift up and support athletes around the world? (1:04:53)
  • How the climbing industry should solve the issues of athlete sponsorship and support (1:06:04)
  • The much debated Olympics question… (1:11:57)
  • Do the Speed and Sport disciplines in climbing need to change before 2020? (1:17:11)

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