Jason Kehl shaping the SoiLL Cryptochild Pipes climbing holds

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Show Notes for Episode with Jason Kehl:

  • Settling into his new home in El Paso, Tx just 30 mins from Hueco Tanks bouldering (2:36)
  • What inspires his search first ascents (4:47)
  • Training and preparing for unsent FA’s that are just out of reach (9:52)
  • “Does a send happen if no one is around to post about it?” and other thoughts on social media (11:44)
  • Crafting wall design through setting and hold shaping (15:10)
  • Design Elements of Crystal City’s Earth Treks Gym and trying to do something new (18:42)
  • Balancing form and function in gym wall design (21:44)
  • Trashing traditional granite and sandstone when shaping holds, “what else can we do?” (24:03)
  • The shaping of “The Pipes”  (25:47)
  • Deciding what to shape when innovation is important to creation  (29:43)
  • When he started creating art and how it has guided him through life as a climber (37:05)

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