Ep.66 w/ John “Verm” Sherman on “Old Man Lightning”

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On his forthcoming film John Sherman old man lightning YosemiteOld Man Lightning, photographing the critically endangered California Condors, and training his broken body to re-send Midnight Lightning 25 years later…..

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Show Notes for episode with John Sherman:

  • The motivation behind trying to re-send the Yosemite classic, Midnight Lightning, 25 years after sending (3:42)
  • Photography and bouldering (8:34)
  • Why bouldering, and the influence of John Gill (11:25)
  • Thoughts on the rise of gym climbing (15:44)
  • Creating the V-grade system for bouldering and it’s effects on the climbing community (John’s favorite topic to cover *cue sarcastic eye roll*)  (19:27)
  • On old age, training for Midnight Lightning, and understanding pain tolerance (22:51)
  • How working with a personal trainer has fixed decades of ailments and the importance of ‘prehab’ (27:58)
  • On the decision to document the journey to re-send Midnight Lightning on film in the forthcoming movie ‘Old Man Lightning’ (32:52)
  • How this film won’t be like most climbing films *hint: there may be adult diapers involved* (34:59)
  • On trying not too take himself so seriously and the grandiose egos of climbers (36:45)
  • After all of the training and work, how close is he to re-sending Midnight Lightning (37:49)
  • Why failure is not an option for John Sherman (43:16)
  • Why John took up the effort to photograph the entire critically endangered wild California Condor population (46:30)
  • Follow-up call with John about his shoulder injury (1:04:08)

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