Ep.48 w/ Justen Sjong “Advice from the Climbing Sensei”

By January 5, 2016Podcasts, Uncategorized

On moving on from Team of 2 and starting Climbing Sensei, attending the Black Diamond athlete summit and crag cleanup in Spain, and tips for climbers and coaches alike

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Show Notes for episode with Justen Sjong:

  • The motivation behind the move from Team of 2 to The Climbing Sensei
  • Climbing’s transition into a more traditional sport
  • The influx of climbing gyms and the impact that is having in the climbing world
  • Working with Black Dimond on a crag cleanup and re-bolting project in Spain
  • Understanding how to self-assess weaknesses when training
  • His new online training platform
  • On active listening as a coach and asking the right questions
  • The four stages of breathing and how to use them properly
  • Coaching coaches

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