Ep.49 w/ Kevin Jorgeson “Driven By A Question”

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On the question that spurred their push up the Dawn Wall, the post-ascent media fury, and embarrassing moments on The Ellen Degeneres Show

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Show Notes for episode with Kevin Jorgeson:

  • The hero’s journey that Kevin and Tommy went through
  • The catalyst moment that spurred all of the media attention
  •  How media and technology helped him get through pitch 15
  • Why this attempt was the was the perfect moment
  • The question, not the goal, that drove them up the Dawn Wall
  • How they managed the media storm that engulfed them on the wall and after
  • The scariest thing Kevin has ever done in his life
  • Embarrassing moments on the Ellen Degeneres Show with Tommy and Kevin
  • Meeting Michael Keaton and Steve Young
  • Insights into his next big project
  • Kevin’s non-profit, charity organization to introduce 1 million kids to rock climbing by 2025

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