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Kyle McFarland began White Pine Athletics out of frustration in the templative way that trainers were approaching their athletes. He believes that everyone is unique and his training plans need to reflect that in the way he approaches his clients. Kyle grew up climbing and competing in youth competitions. As he began to age out of the youth competitions, he took on coaching and routesetting. As his passion for helping athletes succeed grew, Kyle decided to persue it further. He studied kinesiology and became an American College of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer as well as a level 3 cycling coach.

The philosophy of White Pine Athletics is to focus on each individual as a completely different case than the last with differing needs, goals, recovery times, and strengths. His unique approach to climbing training offers a fresh, indepth, and clinical look into what’s missing in the realm of climbing training, and hopefully what we can do to move the sport and it’s athletes forward.

Show Notes for episode with Kyle McFarland:

  • Kyle’s origin story (2:51)
  • How climbing coaching and training has changed since he was a youth competitor (6:34)
  • How youth coaching and bad workout templates led Kyle starting White Pine Athletics (8:50)
  • The philosophy behind White Pine Athletics (14:00)
  • How the remote training works (16:45)
  • What’s wrong with training templates (18:22)
  • How important it is to find a trainer/coach who actually knows what they’re talking about (21:53)
  • What is changing in regards to climbing training (23:47)
  • Why training for climbing is different than other sports (27:38)
  • The methods and training programs that White Pine uses to improve their athletes (29:36)
  • Mobility exercises for climbers and their importance (34:54)
  • Why climbers are so afraid of weight lifting and strength training (39:54)
  • If lifting weights really affects strength to weight ratios (41:46)
  • What climbers are doing wrong when they train (45:07)
  • The dangers and benefits of using the campus board (48:10)
  • How nutrition factors into their programs at White Pine and in training in general (54:36)
  • Eating disorders in climbing and how the conversation is hopefully changing (57:39)
  • What the future may hold for climbing and climbing training (59:57)
  • The holes in our understanding of training for rock climbing (1:02:25)

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