Ep.64 w/ Paul Robinson “Uncharted Lines”

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Paul Robinson Uncharted Lines Movie Zimbabwe

Paul Robinson on his recent film, “Uncharted Lines.” Where he talks about his search for untapped boulders around the world…

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Show Notes for episode with Paul Robinson:

  • The motivation behind the Uncharted Lines project and wanting to showcase boulder development (2:53)
  • Looking past the numbers: how boulder development is climbing at it’s roots (10:00)
  • Why the bouldering in Australia didn’t make it into the movie (13:38)
  • “Not every journey you go on is going to be a success” and why the attempts to develop an new zone in Russia failed (16:01)
  • With new areas looming in other countries, the crew decides to visit an area in Tennessee proving that here are always new boulders just around the bend (17:39)
  • Making first ascents on untouched, Joe’s Valley-style rock in Alcaniz, Spain (18:57)
  • Going rural in Zimbabwe on a hunt for new stones, and they found a-plenty…..then we get lost in beta and rock quality…. (21:42)
  • …And then we actually talk about his experience in Zimbabwe (27:25)
  • Bringing it all back home to Colorado and Wyoming to prove that you don’t need to visit the farthest reaches of the globe to be a part of developing new areas (33:09)
  • Thoughts on the dedication it takes to put together a film of this caliber (41:14)
  • Financing all of the travel and the film (43:24)
  • Philosophy of the first ascent, developing, and what it takes to find a five-star line (46:29)
  • Finding balance between developing and climbing established lines, traveling to new zones and leaving old projects behind (54:08)
  • How Paul goes about finding new zones around the world with his sights set on developing an area on each continent (57:55)
  • An extremely long and in depth discussion about defining bouldering grades and the climbing abilities of today’s top-tiered climbers (1:01:54)
  • Thoughts on Nalle Hukkataival’s proposed V17, “Burden of Dreams” aka “The Lappnor Project”  (1:21:31)

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