petra-klingler-episode-art On being a third generation rock climber, Switzerland’s sports-based school system, and winning the 2016 IFSC boulder world cup…

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Petra Klingler is a 24-year-old climber from Bonstetten, Switzerland. She began climbing as a child; influenced by her parents and grandparents who would take turns watching her and her brother while the others would embark on multi-pitches and alpine climbs. She has since grown to be one of the best female climbers in Europe. This year (2016), Petra secured a 1st place podium spot at the IFSC Bouldering Championships in Paris, France over Miho Nonaka (JPN) and the 2015 boulder world cup overall winner, Akiyo Noguchi (JPN).

Show Notes for episode with Petra Klingler:

  • Life after her goal of winning the IFSC Paris Championships (4:58)
  • Her thoughts on the route setting at the Paris Championships (5:51)
  • How she was able to work on her weaknesses and succeed this season (8:18)
  • Her familial roots in climbing and how she got started (10:13)
  • Her first IFSC World Cup experience (15:19)
  • After competing for most of her life, how does she keep up the motivation (17:32)
  • Where and how Petra trains for the IFSC World Cups (17:50)
  • Where her motivations are for training inside and climbing outside (24:26)
  • How it felt to achieve her goal of winning the Paris Championships (26:03)
  • The flood of emotions she experienced after completing the final climb, and whether or not she knew she had won (28:13)
  • Her studies in Sports and Economics and what she plans to do with her degree (32:48)
  • How Switzerland’s school system is set up to support young athletes (34:06)
  • Whether or not she will be pursuing a spot on the Olympic team in 2020 (38:04)
  • Interviews and opportunities she has had since winning in Paris (40:03)
  • What the next 6 months hold for Petra (41:55)
  • Competing in ice climbing competitions (42:47)

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