On his constant competitive life, how American Ninja Warrior has affected his life, and training to stay on top…

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Show Notes for episode with Sean McColl

  • Making the move to Chambery, France and living his double life
  • Getting invited to compete in American Ninja Warrior USA vs. The World
  • How the course felt with no previous practice on the obstacles
  • Why climbers seem to excel in ANW
  • Sean’s strategy in stage 3 trying to best Isaac Caldiero, and how Isaac took the win for Team USA
  • Comparing the growth of American Ninja Warrior and climbing as sports
  • His road from struggling to fund his World Cup travels to finally finding the right sponsors
  • What he thinks make him such a successful competitor in all three disciplines of competitive climbing and ANW
  • His training philosophies and how they evolved into what he does today
  • How youth climbing shaped him into the climber he is today
  • Setting achievable goals
  • How he manages to compete in all disciplines of climbing and ANW throughout the year and how he manages his training for each
  • Avoiding injury when climbing and training constantly

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