Ep.58 w/ Shauna Coxsey and Leah Crane

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Shauna and Leah episode art Shauna and Leah on this season’s IFSC World Cup, Acro Yoga, and having fun wherever they go…

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Show Notes for episode with Shauna and Leah:

  • How they celebrated Leah’s birthday on the road
  • Trying to find time to play amidst a busy World Cup season
  • Making the travel fun
  • What’s behind Shauna’s success and the feeling of being injury free
  • What happened in India that caused Shauna to miss finals
  • How Leah went from being constantly at 21st to making semis every comp this season
  • A competitor’s view on the competition in Kazo, Japan
  • Why they’ve been incorporating Acro Yoga into their training
  • What their warm-up looks like behind the walls in isolation before a competition

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