Ep. 57 w/ Sierra Blair-Coyle “Making Waves”

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Sierra Blair-Coyle episode art Sierra Blair-Coyle on how the IFSC World Cup season is going, how she inspires climbers and companies through social media, and how she manages to avoid negativity in her public life

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Show Notes for episode with Sierra Blair-Coyle:

  • World Cup travel and tribulations
  • How the IFSC season has been going for her
  • Analyzing mistakes she’s made in this season’s World Cup and how she is working on them
  • Training with Slovenian team coach, Roman Krajnik
  • Her home wall and training set up
  • Seeking sponsors and letting them find you
  • Filming the LG commercial that had her climbing a skyscraper with a vacuum
  • Rising tides raise all ships
  • How she deals with negativity from haters on the internet
  • How she promotes herself with social media
  • How training with a coach has helped her to improve more than she could on her own
  • On Andrew Bisharat’s article “Athlete or Model: What is Sierra Blair-Coyle?”

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