Ep.59 w/ Zack DiChristino | Understanding Climbing in Sports Medicine

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Episode 59 w%2F Zack DiChristinoOn injuries and recovery, Alex Puccio’s quick return from knee surgery, and why it’s important to find a doctor who understands climbing…

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Show Notes for episode with Zack DiChristino:

  • How important is a PT or physio for athletes who are training or competing in something like the World Cup Series
  • Is it important for a doctor or PT to have a knowledge of climbing to properly assess an injury
  • Was Alex Puccio’s speedy recovery a case of proper care and rehab, or is she a superhero
  • Finger injuries and the fact and fiction of recovery techniques
  • How an injury prevention program helped female soccer players avoid ACL tears
  • Shoulder injuries: why they happen and how to avoid them
  • Improving your posture and getting rid of the climber’s hunchback
  • How to approach getting back to climbing and training after an injury
  • Is improper training to blame for your injury, or were you just not ready to be training?
  • Why it’s important to find a PT who understands climbing

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